G u r a m i D e s i g n s


gurami photo

 This site is dedicated to my father, the late Gurami Manasherov. In March 1998, at the age of 53 years, he suffered a massive heart attack. He was at home with our family when he died in my arms.

My name is Regina Mann. For the first few months after his death, my mother, Mara and my sister, Eteri scrambled to make sure all this custom orders had been completed. Our main concern on our minds was that Dad would have never let his clients lose their deposits. With barely any money in the business, we made sure that everyone received what they ordered. During that year, we were approached by numerous people wanting to buy his business and his designs. At the time, we didn’t want anyone else representing our father. We also couldn’t grasp on how to put a price on years of creative designs. Till this day my mother is approached by clients and how honored they are to have his timeless work in their home.

I truly believe in my heart that my father would have wanted other designers, artists, sculptors, and painters to be influenced by this work and for his legacy to live on through others. The designs are all one-of-a-kind; he had never mass produced anything. Twelve years has now passed and I still think of him every day.

My family and I have decided to share his work and sketches with the world. For years, I have been looking at crates of designs, not knowing what to do with them. Those thoughts have brought me here to this website. Each month I will post a new design and invite you to dig deep into your creative side and use your imagination.

It’s taken many years for my family to move forward from his passing and we’re hoping the world will keep him alive. Our only wish is that his work will give inspiration to another generation of Guramis.