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The Normandie Stamp...

June design

The Normandie Ship in New York and Statue of Liberty


My father was fascinated with stamps and in the early 1990 before the 29 cent stamp came out, he decided to play around with a few painting he was working on and send them to the US post office. He was fond of The Normandie because she was different than any other liner for her time. The Normandie was a luxury liner and he also was driven to create something luxurious for each one of his clients.

The Statue of Liberty made him feel the freedom he longed for when he lived in the Soviet Union and with New York City as the first port of our arrival to this great country of ours - he wanted to leave some sort of mark of his remembrance to the USA.


This Months Featured Artist is Aaron Foster...


It's a shame that my father isn't alive to see Aaron's work; he would have been impressed with his unique imagination.


Aaron is a native of Northern California, he attended the University of California, at Davis and majored in US History, but his true passions lay in bike racing and acting. Following graduation and the profound lack of offers from professional cycling teams, he found himself managing the office of a small wholesale home furnishings company. One year later, he and a friend co-founded Relish in Atlanta, Ga., a company that represented artists and home furnishings manufacturers. During his five years at Relish, his interest in design flourished. Surrounded and inspired by all that creativity, he began creating artwork with vintage license plates.


Aaron moved to LA to continue his artwork and interior design he also pursued his lifelong dream of being an actor. One experience on stage was all it took to convince this multitalented artist that he had found a new home. He now is the host and designer of the new HGTV show, FreeStyle (Friday at 9:30 p.m. ET).


Aaron's artwork has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, and on ABC's Extreme Makeover: The Home Edition. His work is available for purchase through his website, as well as multiple retail outlets.





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Artist of the Month
Aaron Foster


Aaron Foster boxed cowboy

Aaron Foster American Flag wavy NY

Aaron Foster route 66

Aaron Foster surfboard boxed

Aaron Foster seaside

Aaron Foster Map USA

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