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Devine Dining...

July 2010

Devine Design, dinning table, contempory table



The Devine Dining table has all sorts of textures, patterns and lines that are clean and sleek. This truly is for individuals who can appreciate all the details that go into decorative/ sculptured like appearance. Nothing my father built was considered plan or "boring looking" He insisted on building functional and always interesting furniture - something you can always talk about for years to come.


This Months Featured Artist is Rez Barquet...


Raul Barquet, better known as Rez was born August 21 1989 in Staten Island, NY. From a young age he was creating art, this passion continued to strengthen and develop with age. Living in one of the boroughs of NYC, graffiti became a passion and influence on his art. Always experimenting and trying to find new ways of defining his vision, he has created work in many different styles.




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Artist of the Month

Rez Barquet


Rez Barquet

Painting, women

Collage Portraits

women collage

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