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April Design Madolin Sketch...

Madonna photo

Painting was his first passion - after getting into the custom furniture industry his time was limited, but every once in a while something or someone would give him an idea to make time to want to draw again.

This is my father’s impression of Madonna – he loved her music and her style. When he was a child my grandmother insisted that he learn to play the Violin, and he did in fact learn and developed a love for the unique instrument, so it’s no surprise that he chose for her to play the Violin in this painting. He also had to make sure that this Violin was not like any other Violin, Wood and Metal was what he loved to work with so why not make a Violin have the two number one products he worked with. This painting was done in the early 1990’s. One thing my father was known for was what ever he created was timeless, and this oil painting is timeless…


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Artist of the Month
Audry Cramblit


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