G u r a m i D e s i g n s


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Gurami was born in what was then the former Soviet Union (Georgia). After a multi-faceted career that included extensive restoration, art, and interior design work, he escaped Russia in 1972 with his wife Mara and his two daughters, Eteri age 2 and Regina age 6 months. He relocated to the United States in 1978.

But what is it that Gurami did, that made his work look so different? The key comes from his background. In Russia, he never had more than a handful of material to choose from, and the quality was often lacking. Having to make do with what he had, Gurami became quite proficient at recycling and problem solving. He’d take scraps and make a masterpiece out of it. He’d use flawed product and make it look like it was designed that way for a reason.

So If necessity is the mother of invention and creativity, we all need to thank the inefficient Russian economy for providing the skills and artistry that Gurami shared with us.