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November Design Of The Month

The Modern Ballerina Sketch...

modern ballerina

I came across this design a few weeks ago and made myself crazy trying to find the finished product photo. I call her The Modern Ballerina. I remember visiting my fathers factory as a young girl and seeing manikins’ and I was thinking to myself – What in the world is he going to do with those…So here it is! An entry piece and the concept came from a manikin.

He started out by building the base out of particle board covered it with laminate and used his staple design (The Broken Edge) to make it look like granite. The manikin itself was cut in half, hand painted and sprayed with a clear gloss finish. The upper part of her body was wired with all sorts of halogen lights including her head. To add to the finishing touches he attached a globe to her hand for the world to see The Modern Ballerina.

Finished Product...

modern ballerina photo