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March Design

Sanctuary House Sketch...

Concepts House

My father dreamed of living in something he created. The reason I call this his Sanctuary is he always wanted to have a remote space of his own to go back to his roots of when he used to draw, paint and restore.  At the top of the four-five car garage would be his studio away from his office, employees, and even family. The location would be in the middle of the woods, but 21 years ago this design was too modern for the conservative location he had his heart set on.

Unfortunately he didn’t get the approvals he needed, so this design was left behind and although it was never built, I still can remember the excitement in his eyes when he finished the sketch. He did make a mini model of what the house wood look like if built, the pyramid at the base of the house would be the living room area with the top being the master bedroom – he always wanted to go to bed and be able to look at the stars at night. The center of the house would stretch out to the back and account for the kitchen/dinning and additional bedrooms, and of course the studio above the garage would be his Sanctuary. 


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Artist of the Month
Marsha Lega


Stainless Steel Sculpture

Dinning Table

Blue Heron Flying

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